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Traveler Assistance

Traveler Assistance

Maintain an active communication before, during and after the trip.

Workflows and manual processes automation offers, in addition to increased efficiency, better productivity for the quality of services provided to customers.

The technology complements the expertise of the travel consultant, increases the visibility of his work, and contributes to its quality.

When a travel consultant can effectively handle several requests at the same time, he generates higher revenue for the agency. And the agency saves significant resources and improves its profitability.


Harness the power of automation and transform the way you work.

Informed, engaged and loyal customers

Send the itinerary quickly and easily with details as per  the traveler's understanding with the help of predefined templates. 

Provide your customers with access to up-to-date information and clarifying answers about their itinerary, schedule changes, travel restrictions and conditions, visa conditions and other useful information about your  travel agency and its services.

Ask for customer feedback, send a thank you message on return and keep the history of his experience for the next request. 

Traveler Assistance

Control and visibility for a better traveler experience

Track customer requests in one place. Make sure all requests are answered in the shortest possible time to keep customers satisfied and loyal.

Manage customer communication within your standards, using a consistent way of communication with a professional tone respecting the quality standards of the travel agency, regardless of the person who takes the order.

You have access to the orders history and past itineraries to meet their needs. Prioritize the requests received depending on the importance or contractual terms and assign them to the consultants according to your internal criteria.

Traveler Assistance

Don't miss the upsell opportunities using the automation platform. It automatically sends information about the agency's services and presents the offer in the format you want to increase the value of the purchase.

See how easy it is to automate important tasks from customer support.

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