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Unused Tickets

Unused Tickets

Be efficient and recover money from unused ticket coupons.

Easy tracking. Clear reporting.

Monitor all tickets issued by the travel agency and report tickets that have unused coupons after the trip has been completed. Select unused tickets and refund the part that was not used. 

Even if the rate is non-refundable, you can still claim some of the fees, which may contribute to significant long-term gains. Get rid of the hassle of tracking these tickets and automate the entire process of identifying unused tickets and refunding them.

Identify the right opportunity.

Unused Tickets module monitors all tickets issued by the travel agency and brings to the attention those that have unused coupons after the travel has been completed. Simply pick out the goodies and refund the part that hasn’t been used. 

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Recover the value of unused tickets or taxes in a matter of minutes.

Workflows and manual processes automation offers, in addition to increased efficiency, better productivity for the quality of services provided to customers.

The technology complements the expertise of the travel consultant, increases the visibility of his work, and contributes to its quality.

When a travel consultant can effectively handle several requests at the same time, he generates higher revenue for the agency. And the agency saves significant resources and improves its profitability.


Harness the power of automation and transform the way you work.

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