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Automated Ticketing

Automated Ticketing

Leave repetitive actions to automation schemas.

Avoid interruptions even when things go wrong.

Issuing tickets is one of the most important steps in the booking process and it is important to be handled correctly.

The ticketing automation platform contains all the necessary elements to adapt to the various ticketing scenarios used in travel agencies.

Conditional ticketing of specific bookings, tracking time limit for issuing tickets, flexible issue between countries, BSP, office, adaptive selection of commission, form of payment, and plating carrier are just some of the features that will provide a problem-free ticketing process.

This ticketing module is smart enough to handle various ticketing errors. It always finds a way to issue tickets at the right time and at the right fare. Allow consultants to engage in more productive situations and leave monotonous work based on the automation solution.

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Focus on productive actions. All the time.

Workflows and manual processes automation offers, in addition to increased efficiency, better productivity for the quality of services provided to customers.

The technology complements the expertise of the travel consultant, increases the visibility of his work, and contributes to its quality.

When a travel consultant can effectively handle several requests at the same time, he generates higher revenue for the agency. And the agency saves significant resources and improves its profitability.


Harness the power of automation and transform the way you work.

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