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Find out how much you can save through automation.

Focus on what you do best: sales and support.

Automating repetitive manual processes is now much easier.

Manage all your GDSs.

When you use more than one GDS, you want to have access to more options for your customers. That doesn't mean it has to be complicated. We offer you a GDS-agnostic post-booking process automation solution.

The automation platform allows you to easily create and manage sophisticated post-booking processes in all the GDSs. Thanks to the intuitive and structured interface, you can let the technology deal with unproductive and repetitive steps.


Transform the way you work.

You define the process, you create the automation scheme and you have control over all PNRs.

The automation platform executes commands and inputs as you want. You have visibility on all the actions performed by the platform in the history of the PNR, so you can focus on other activities. See exactly what you can do better to be more efficient and productive - a true consultant.

​Transforma modul de lucru.

Optimize continuously.

Some consultants spend 15 minutes every 2 hours checking queues, which is a strict schedule to follow to prevent unpleasant traveler situations.

The automation platform monitors the queues for you on regular basis as you need and sends passenger notifications for a fast and efficient communication.

​Optimizeaza continuu 1
​Optimizeaza continuu 2
​Optimizeaza continuu 3

Save time and money.

Frequent schedule changes, tickets cancellation or refund of canceled flights require your time and attention. In addition, you must constantly communicate with the customer and keep them informed of any new details or changes.

Traveknowledgy automation platform saves the time of front-line consultants and reduces errors. By configuring schemas that work 24/7, redundant and repetitive steps are automated as you need.

​Economiseste timp si bani.

Productivity. Quality. Consistency.

Automate post-booking processes and decrease your travel agency's costs up to 40%

​Solutii de automatizare pentru agentiile de turism

Automation solutions for

travel agencies

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