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Business Process Management is about the way in which a company, in our case a travel agency, manages its daily operations.

A typical way is to monitor, analyze and implement best practices to streamline tasks. And at the same time, to get the maximum benefits - whether it's a process or a team of consultants or travel agents.

It is a collective term that means the use of available resources, including the team of travel agents, tools and tasks for maximum results. BPM refers primarily to the efficient management of repetitive processes, whether operational or sales. So that less time and fewer human resources are consumed.

Business process management vs Task management

There is a major difference between the business process and task management.

A business process is a series of tasks managed by the people in the agency to be operational. While task management means a series of actions carried out within a project for successful completion.

If task management is not simplified or blocked, it affects the project in which the activity takes place. Any obstacle in the business process can and will affect the entire organization of the travel agency. In general, it refers to everything that varies from managing requests, managing invoices, training a travel agent, to sending notifications or to deliver requests on time.

How can the travel agency be affected by an inefficient BPM?

Travel consultants work in small groups and no one is responsible for the work process.

An inappropriate BPM is a BPM that leads to chaos. The processes are inefficient or non-existent, and the productivity of the travel agency is reduced to the fragmented productivity of individuals.

These are some of the possible scenarios and often happen in a travel agency where process management is not implemented. Once you have made the capital expenditures to manage the agency's activity, it is important to have a BPM to ensure that you get optimal results.

While most travel agencies may need them all, depending on the size of the business and the nature of the business lines, some of these BPMs may become more useful than others.

  • BPM for communication

clear and standardized communication with the customer, information and transparency with complete documentation.

  • BPM for the travel consultants team

eliminating redundant and unproductive tasks, human errors, to focus on added value.

  • BPM for integration

connecting different software solutions and platforms used by travel agencies so that data transfer is automated.

  • BPM for marketing

aligning communication efforts with the actions of the sales team.

  • BPM for sales and customer support after sale

reduces the risk of losing customers and decreases the duration of the sales process.

Process management can be divided into five categories.

Process mapping

BPM is about managing business processes in an efficient manner.

Before you venture to better understand Business Process Management and implement it in the travel agency, it is good to spend time understanding the various repetitive processes that require revision and automation.

Step 1 - Evaluate the processes that need to be streamlined.

Step 2 - Create a process for each specific activity. 

Step 3 - Identify all the conditions that must be met in the software that will initiate the process.

Step 4 - Determine the factors that should be considered when creating a new workflow.

Step 5 - Consult all the people involved in the process and put it into practice.

Step 6 - Monitor the process and make changes as needed.

Step 7 - Optimize until the process brings a positive and significant change.

Why should you adopt BPM in your travel agency?

Business Process Management is considered an essential aspect in many industries when it comes to delivering business objectives. The concept is simple. When there are more tasks and more people involved in its execution, the activity of the travel agency can become complicated and inefficient.

Where there is no easy-to-apply work methodology or clearly defined processes, the agency cannot deliver business objectives quickly and efficiently. And even less to respond to market challenges.

Let's analyze together how you can implement BPM in your travel agency.

Business Process Management

Business Process Management

Improve the way your travel agency works and increase the value delivered to your customers.

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