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We are pleased to announce a new partnership between SynCo and Traveknowledgy for the Romanian travel market.


Traveknowledgy is a travel technology company based in Sweden, focusing on automation of post-booking processes within a travel agency and improvement of their bottom line. Traveknowledgy provides travel companies with a GDS-agnostic process automation solution and has partnered with Sabre, Amadeus, and Travelport to accommodate processes for all global distribution platforms. It enables travel agencies to seamlessly create and manage sophisticated workflows related to post-booking processes in GDS and mid-office systems.


Thanks to the intuitive and extremely versatile web interface, requiring minimal technical background, travel consultants can leave technology to take care of the repetitive tasks so they can concentrate on what they do best.


Traveknowledgy’s modules allow travel businesses to visually map and manage workflows seamlessly. It automates processes including all aspects of ticketing and tracking, quality control, airline inventory, reservation monitoring, payment, and client communication. Whatever the process, the automation platform has the solution that automates it.

Traveknowledgy works with OTAs and TMCs across the world to transform post-booking processes into profit. Its GDS-agnostic automation solution enables travel businesses to create and manage practically any post-booking process in the GDS environment. Their revenue-boosting modules can also increase margins on existing reservations meaning that automated processes and operational costs are kept under control.


As a partner, SynCo is supporting Traveknowledgy to be in close contact with the Romanian market and better understand its specifics.  Based on this partnership, SynCo provides access to Traveknowledgy’s solutions along with its consultancy services to travel agencies who want to transform the way they work.

Technology Partner Announcement

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