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Mapping procese

Clear processes based on diagrams

It is known that people communicate better visually than through words, so we aim to make the process automation easier than ever, using a visual constructor.

Start creating the process with the help of the diagram-based builder and immediately automate the time-consuming steps.

Diagrama procese automatizare

Graphic editor for operational processes

Drag and drop process steps, create rules automatically, and set any post-booking process in motion. We strongly believe in the codeless ecosystem in which you as a consultant can create the processes relevant to their activity and the needs of the travel agency. Automation does not depend on colleagues in the IT department but only on your operational experience in ticketing.


With an intuitive user interface, creating the process in a visual environment simplifies mapping and shortens the time allocated to defining steps to just a few minutes. The diagram-based designer helps users visualize the actual operation of a process and reduces the complexity of performing processes and setup rules. The simple interface also provides a library of process forms, which can be used as a good starting point for automating your process. These forms are organized in functionalities and use cases.

With an efficient automation solution, all you have to do is put your ticketing knowledge to work and get the processes automated in minutes.

What processes do you want to map?

Scheme grafice

Graphic schemas


Built to put into practice the operational procedures of the travel agency.

Why use process graphical mapping?

  • You get clarity in the development of the steps and a continuous flow.

  • You benefit from a wide range of actions, adaptable to any type of process.

  • Quickly identify redundant and repetitive steps.

  • Use the builder immediately without specialized training.

  • Easily see which processes can be streamlined.


Harness the power of automation and transform the way you work.

Workflows and manual processes automation offers, in addition to increased efficiency, better productivity for the quality of services provided to customers.

The technology complements the expertise of the travel consultant, increases the visibility of his work, and contributes to its quality.

When a travel consultant can effectively handle several requests at the same time, he generates higher revenue for the agency. And the agency saves significant resources and improves its profitability.

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