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Matchmaking & Making appointments for more networking

  • Matchmaking promotes networking at your event

  • Suitable participants can be found quickly and can make an appointment

  • Options for different user groups


Simply arrange appointments

Give your participants the opportunity to arrange online appointments with each other or with exhibitors. You can define different meeting types, rooms and tables. For different user groups you offer specific appointment quotas: Determine who may request and arrange how many and appointments. The system automatically checks when the invitee and which meeting location is available and makes suggestions. So your guests quickly find each other.

Matchmaking and Networking


Meeting the right people

When is an event really good? If your participants find old acquaintances and new interlocutors and have good conversations. With "Cvent Appointments™" you enable exactly that.Your participants can create a profile and arrange meetings with other participants. Filters help them in their search. Many appointments are agreed in advance. Matchmaking & making appointments made easy.

Matchmaking and Networking
Matchmaking and Networking


Easy-to-use platform

In a responsive web portal and also in the Cvent Event App® your event participants can view, arrange, accept, reject and edit appointments. Automated e-mails notify the parties involved. All dates are synchronized with the event app and can be found in the personal agenda. So all participants are always up to date and know when and where they are expected.


Increase ROI for exhibitors & sponsors

Your exhibitors and sponsors invest a lot to be part of your event. With Cvent Appointments™ you help them to generate more high-quality leads. how? By enabling them to meet with the right participants. So you increase with Matchmaking & Appointments the event benefit for your partners.

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