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Event apps for virtual, hybrid and presence events

  • Personalized web portal for online participants.

  • Tailor-made event app for on-site visitors.

  • Integrated live streaming platform & video chats.

  • Best user experience.


All forms of communication flexibly combined

If your event is to become a real experience, you need various solutions for communication: High-performance live streaming for your keynote sessions with chat and questioning options on a screen, web conferencing for more interactive sessions in a smaller group of participants and video chats with your exhibitors and sponsors. And of course all videos afterwards on-demand. Our solution offers you all options already fully integrated. The individual elements are based on technologies from leading global suppliers and set new standards. You no longer have to put together individual solutions yourself. Avoid so much stress.

Event App | Virtual – Hybrid – Presence


The modern platform for all your event formats

The new normal will be characterized by a mix of different event formats. If they are virtual events today, more and more hybrid and presence events will be added tomorrow. You need a platform that supports the different forms excellently. Our solution is a newly developed platform that has been specially developed to meet this requirement. Virtual participants interact via the web portal, participants navigate on site with the native event apps. It is based on the latest technologies and modern design standards. Let yourself be inspired. And inspire your participants.

Event App | Virtual – Hybrid – Presence
Event App | Virtual – Hybrid – Presence


Create a personal experience through the event app

Your participants have personal interests. In our event app and the web portal, your participant will always find the currently relevant information directly in the home screen. Whether travel information, the next session or participants with similar interests, you always offer your participants the right information. Whether virtual or on-site, there are many ways to interact with each other: group chats, video calls, live surveys and moderated Q&A. So you can draw from a rich spectrum of functions. Your participants quickly become active contributors and are happy to come back.


Offer your exhibitors and sponsors the desired ROI

Your exhibitors and sponsors often contribute a large part of your event budget. You can expect as many contacts and qualified leads as possible. Enable participants to arrange appointments with sponsors and exhibitors online. Or offer sponsored sessions. This is how you create a space for your event partners to place their messages and present new products. At the end they will receive a list of participants. At virtual booths, participants can get in touch with booth staff, enter video breakout rooms, watch videos, and download content. All interactions can be converted into leads. Your exhibitors will greatly appreciate learning more about their visitors.


Take advantage of data-driven event marketing

As on your company websites, you can also learn a lot about the interests of your participants at your events. The modern event platform offers you many opportunities to collect and evaluate data about the journey of your participants, the "Attendee Journey". Whether on site or virtually, the data flows into a common pot and can be evaluated centrally. The event app and the web portal provide an essential source of data. In this way, you can quickly identify the contacts with high engagement scores™ and forward qualified leads to sales. Or use the interests for more targeted addresses and higher conversions for future invitations.

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