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Data Analytics & Reporting constantly improves event success

  • Event reports at the push of a button

  • Data-Driven Event Marketing


Data Analytics & Reporting – flexibly created

Simply create individual reports and analyses that are important to you and your clients. Or use the predetermined reports, which provide a quick overview of the most popular measured values. The user-friendly interface allows you to dive deep into your data and achieve the right results with filtering and grouping functions in several ways.

Data Analytics and Reporting


Understanding behaviour – increasing the effect

In order to understand the success of your meetings and events and to improve their impact, you need real-time event data at the push of a button. With Cvent Reports you are able to report on every phase of the event life cycle. Both for each event and about the performance of the entire event program. That's how Data Analytics & Reporting goes today.

Data Analytics and Reporting
Data Analytics and Reporting


Easy access for you and your stakeholders

Data Analytics & Reporting is easier than ever. Create reports and get access to data from your events – with just a few clicks. Save frequently used reports with your individual settings and share them with different user groups via an online portal. So each group gets the information they're really interested in.

This item is connected to a text field in your content manager. Double click the dataset icon to add your own content. Want to view and manage all your collections? Click the Data icon on the add panel to your left. In the Content Manager, you can update your items, add new fields, create dynamic pages and more.

Your collection is already set up with fields and content. Add your own by editing each field, or import CSV files to your content manager. You can create fields for rich text, images, videos and more. Remember to click Sync, so visitors can see your collections on your live site. You can add as many collections as you need.  

Use input elements like custom forms and fields to collect info from your site visitors and store it in your content manager Collections. Make sure all your elements Connect to Data, and Preview your Live Site to check that everything is correctly binded.

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