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Smart check-in experience for your guests

  • Easy-to-use self-service app

  • Ad-hoc printing of badges

  • fast and contact-free check-in for events and sessions


Save costs through self-service mode

The OnArrival kiosk mode will both impress your participants and help you save check-in staff. Your guests can register, check in, and view, customize, and print their name tag themselves. Or you can easily and quickly check in the participants yourself by swing your finger on your smartphone or tablet or by scanning a QR code.

Contactless check-in and badge printing


Smart check-in of participants

The first impression is crucial for your event participants and guests. Similar to automated check-in at airports, Cvent OnArrival offers a seamless check-in experience at your event. OnArrival eliminates stress, late printing of IDs and long queues. All data from the check-in app is automatically and securely synchronized via Cvent's event platform.

Contactless check-in and badge printing
Contactless check-in and badge printing


Wireless badge printing on demand

With Cvent OnArrival, tables full of prefabricated name tags are a thing of the past. Tablets can be wirelessly connected to printers to print name tags on site on demand. OnArrival supports a variety of printer and ID types. When checking in or out, you can also obtain a digital signature.


Session tracking and access control

Via check-in for the sessions, you can always track who is taking part in which sessions. In the case of pre-registration, only the participant who has booked in advance will be given access. This will give you valuable data about participation and interests. With digital signatures of the participants, you also meet the special requirements for training points.

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