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All About Us

Synergy Consulting - SynCo is a boutique travel consultancy company.

At SynCo, we believe synergy happens when two forces join together so that their combined effect is greater than their individual ones. 


We leverage the expertise of our consultants with years of experience in travel & technology companies. We give our customers travel professionals and business travelers, the know-how to take their traveler experience to the next level.

SynCo delivers transformative ideas in strategy definition and technology mastery to travel professionals that want to deliver the best-in-class traveler experience, online and offline. 

We engage with companies to give them travel proficiency in order to develop and implement efficient travel programs for the well-being of their team members.


Our approach

​At SynCo, we believe in cooperating with our customers. Having common win-win goals builds long-lasting businesses. We deep dive into the most important aspects of the business, analyze financials & operational KPIs and focus on making things better. We develop tailored, custom transformational solutions that serve the customer’s vision best.

Our consultants combine our business know-how with the technology solutions from our partners to deliver on the needs of the travelers.

SynCo supports its customers to think about their business in new and creative ways, engaging in every step of the way to embrace the change necessary to drive progress and growth.

We would love to learn about you and your business too.

Get in touch with us.


Our purpose

Our purpose is to transform the way travel is approached as an experience. We’re doing this by sharing our operational expertise, technical know-how, and travel industry knowledge so that our customers can better serve travelers.

Our team combines the expertise and the disciplined corporate approach acquired in more than 10 years of running successful travel projects with the agility of a small, entrepreneurial firm to deliver practical solutions to customers.

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